Lynker Presents at First Sea Grant Blue Carbon Law Symposium

Lynker’s Program Director, Gyami Shrestha, presented at the first Sea Grant Blue Carbon Law Symposium held at the University of Georgia. She was invited to share her climate change policy perspectives and spoke of innovations and opportunities for improved measurements, verification, and governance in this sector. This event brought together a host of experts from legal scholars and ESG investors to coastal and marine decision-makers to co-create a whole-field understanding of the opportunity for coastal blue carbon investment.

Lynker’s John McCombs Invited on Advisory Board for Geo Week 2024

Kudos to Lynker’s GIS Team Lead – Land Cover Analyst, John McCombs, for being invited as one of the impressive leaders within the geospatial industry to serve on the Advisory Board for Geo Week 2024. The experts that make up the Board have been tapped to help craft critical programming for Geo Week, the premier event for increased integration between the built environment, advanced airborne/terrestrial technologies, and commercial 3D technologies.

Lynker’s Lead Hydrologist Co-Authored Paper in Communications Earth & Environment Journal

Lynker’s Lead Hydrologist, Keith Jennings, PhD, co-authored a paper on “Recent Decreases in Snow Water Storage in Western North America” published in the Communications Earth & Environment Journal. The work, led by University of Vermont Postdoctoral Researcher Kate Hale, examines how climate change threatens the ability of western North American mountains to act as water towers. In short, these vital regions store winter precipitation as snow and release it as snowmelt when spring and summer arrive, benefiting both natural and human systems. Climate change, however, is causing earlier snowmelt, which is out of sync with water resources allocations and the water demands of ecosystems. This paper furthers our understanding of the linkages between the climate, water cycle, and managed infrastructure.

Press Release: Communications Earth and Environment Journal