Lynker-Led Publication in AGU Journal

Lynker’s Lead Hydrologist, Keith Jennings, PhD, co-authored an innovative research paper that was just published in the AGU journal “Earth and Space Science” called Crowdsourced Data Highlight Precipitation Phase Partitioning Variability in Rain-Snow Transition Zone. In this paper, crowdsourced observations of rain and snow—reported with a web-based app—highlight the shortcomings of computer models and remote sensing platforms in monitoring precipitation phase at air temperatures near freezing. These data indicate that improvements can be made in water resources prediction if we can better leverage novel observation types and networks. Those interested can contribute to the project by heading to for more information.

Published article:




Lynker Wins NOAA IOOS Coastal Modeling Cloud Sandbox Contract!

Lynker is excited to win the NOAA Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Coastal Modeling Cloud Sandbox contract under ProTech Weather! The Lynker team will be installing and supporting the IOOS Coastal Modeling Cloud Sandbox infrastructure and configuration in the NOAA Cloud environment.

Lynker Welcomes New VP of Solutioning & Architecture, Kevin Donnelly!

Lynker is thrilled to have our new Vice President of Solutioning & Architecture, Kevin Donnelly, onboard! Kevin comes to us with many years of experience providing IT solutions and services for NOAA, Census, Dept of State, Dept of Homeland Security, DoD, NASA, and private industry. He has been both the CIO and CTO for publicly traded companies, and has advised CIOs at multiple companies and agencies. He both develops and delivers on the strategies and architectures he creates.  We are very excited to have Kevin join our Lynker team!