Lynker Awarded Louisiana Sea Grant Better Bycatch Reduction Program!

Lynker is pleased to announce our award, in partnership with Royal Engineers and Consultants, LLC, to administer Louisiana Sea Grant (LSG) participation contracts for the Better Bycatch Reduction Program. LSG is working with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to identify and promote certified bycatch reduction devices (BRDs –“bird”) for use in the shrimp trawl industry. Lynker will liaise and provide logistics management for shrimp vessels during gear trials of the new technology across the US Gulf of Mexico. With this award Lynker has been recognized as an expert in fishing industry practices, regulations, and culture, with deep connections to fishing communities.

Lynker’s Mario Esera’s Career in Conservation on the Water!

Check out this feature story from NOAA Fisheries about Lynker’s Pacific Islands fisheries observer, Mario Esera, and how he built a career in conservation on the water. Mario observes trips on longline fishing vessels out of both Honolulu and Pago Pago in American Samoa. His goal is to reach 5,000 sea days to beat the record for Hawaii and American Samoa!

Observing for the Long Haul | NOAA Fisheries

Lynker’s Abigail Powell’s Observation of Deep-Sea Flatfish Spawning Aggregation!

Lynker’s Marine Scientist, Abigail Powell, was part of a team that captured what they think are the first visual observations of a deep-sea flatfish spawning aggregation! The unusual images of petrale sole, a commercially important species, were collected at a rocky bank off California using NOAA’s autonomous underwater vehicle ‘Popoki’. This research was published in “Frontiers in Marine Science”. Check out the full article here:

Lynker Awarded Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife “Climate Impacts on Fish Hatcheries”

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) selected Lynker to provide consulting services to help ODFW understand how changing climate conditions affect Oregon’s fish and fish hatcheries. Through this contract, Lynker will assess modern hatchery technology for the ODFW to reduce their existing carbon footprint. The final product should provide the agency with a plan for carbon-neutral operations and incorporate ODFW’s ongoing implementation of 2020 Climate and Ocean Change Policy.