Lynker Presented at the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum

Lynker’s Dr. McCord Jim and Justin Clark presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum (#CWEMF) in Folsom Lake, California. The theme for 2023, “Modeling for Integrated Water Management,” was well attended by water modeling experts from across the US. Dr. McCord presented his paper that compared and contrasted treatment of groundwater – surface water interactions within the context of water rights administration in California and other states across the western US. Mr. Clark presented a paper on the history of groundwater modeling in Arizona.

Lynker Contributes to Whale Research Across the Hawaiian Archipelago

Lynker’s Research Specialist, Eden Zang, along with many others, is making important contributions with new research asking the question: Does more than one population of humpback whales occupy the Hawaiian archipelago?  Their research uses sound monitoring and a remotely operated surface vehicle equipped with sound recorders to track the presence of koholā throughout the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.

Learn more about this fascinating research as published in Frontiers in Marine Science found here: Whale Research of the Hawaiian Archipelago

Lynker Co-Authors Ecosystem Status Report in Hawai’i

Two Lynker employees, Dr. Erica K. Towle, Ph.D. and Dr. Mary E. Allen, are co-authors on the recently published “2022 Ecosystem Status Report Highlights Climate and Ecosystem Change in Hawaiʻi.” This interdisciplinary report includes ecosystem indicators on human connections, commercial landings by small boat commercial fishers, coral reefs and reef fish, climate change and ocean conditions, cumulative human impacts on the nearshore marine environment, and the vulnerability of nearshore marine ecosystems to climate change.

Check out the report here: Ecosystem Status Report