Lynker Awarded USDA Grant Climate Smart Commodities!

Lynker is thrilled to have just been awarded a Climate Smart Commodities grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture! The grant, which has a $40 million ceiling, will fight climate change and rebuild health, resilience, and abundance in agricultural landscapes and communities throughout Hawai’i, and aligns well with Lynker’s island conservation and sustainability focus area. The Hawai’i Climate Smart Commodities initiative is a portfolio approach of numerous projects to equitably scale the agriculture sector.

Lynker’s Bridget Lussier and Lindy Betzhold OCM Team Members of the Quarter!

Lynker’s Bridget Lussier and Lindy Betzhold received the Office of Coastal Management (OCM) Team Member of the Quarter Award for their support of the National Coastal Resilience Fund grants program! Way to go!

Lynker Awarded NOAA OWP Probabilistic Forecast and Evaluation Support Services!

Lynker is excited to be awarded NOAA’s Office of Water Prediction’s (OWP) Probabilistic Forecast and Evaluation Support Services. Our team will serve as the lead subject matter expert for the National Weather Service’s (NWS) hydrologic forecast evaluation by providing software engineering and technical support, data analysis for operational forecasting services, and software and database life cycle development activities.

Lynker Awarded NOAA NWS OWP Advancement of the NWM Next Generation Modeling Framework and Prototype!

Our Lynker Team is thrilled to be awarded NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) Office of Water Prediction’s (OWP) Advancement of the National Water Model (NWM) Next Generation Modeling Framework and Prototype. Lynker will continue the development of the NextGen prototype framework and associated hydrologic and hydraulic model formulations to prepare NWM v.4.0.

Lynker Awarded NOAA NMFS AFSC Larval Fish Illustrations!

We are proud to announce that Lynker’s Ashlee Overdick will continue to support the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). We are grateful to NMFS for their continued faith in Lynker. Ashlee provides the NMFS Alaska Fisheries Science Center with important accurate and high-quality ink illustrations of fish eggs and larvae for scientific use in publications and presentations, and for verification of samples. Great work Ashlee!