Lynker Co-Authors NCRMP Socioeconomic Monitoring

Lynker employees, Dr. Mary E. Allen and Dr. Erica K. Towle, Ph.D. are co-authors on the new report, National Coral Reef Monitoring Program Socioeconomic Monitoring Component Summary Findings for American Samoa 2021. The report summarizes current human dimensions information relevant to coral reef resources in American Samoa, as well as trends between the first (2014) and second (2021) monitoring cycles. The results indicate that American Samoa residents have important human connections to coral reefs and rely on these ecosystems for a variety of cultural and socioeconomic benefits. Results also suggest that residents want to see efforts to mitigate threats (e.g., pollution) to coral reefs and prevent resource conditions (e.g., ocean water quality, amount of live coral) from becoming worse.
Click here for the report:

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